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Mau5hax 8-Hour Music Production Session With Fans In A Miami Studio


In an industry where connections and production chops are the ultimate currency, there is an opportunity on the horizon from deadmau5’s imprint Mau5trap that could really change some lives. For eight unforgettable hours, five aspiring producers will have the chance to work in a Miami studio with several artists from the Mau5trap label on some material to be given away the next day. They're even throwing in 2 nights stay at a local hotel and some grub as a bonus. Plus the entire experience will be streamed live for all to enjoy. By the look of things it’s unlikely that the Mau5 himself will materialize but anyone on his team is already a winner. At the end of the day it is all about the experience of working with industry pros on the often-elusive music production process. There is only one catch—you have to be in Miami on March 14th by your own effort to take advantage. A small price to pay for the chance of a lifetime? We think so. Hopefuls can apply by submitting a simple form with their information and a link to their Soundcloud page here. Good luck!

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