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Minimalist Gramophone

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Are you one of many people who own crates of records, but don’t have anything to play them on? This seems to be a common problem these days, because speakers and turntable players are just plain expensive. I had a friend mention this issue to me the other day since he just moved into a new apartment and is too broke to buy a proper setup to listen to his records with. As tragic as that situation is, I knew there would be a cheap and simple solution out there somewhere. Well, after some blog surfing, the answer has been found; make your own gramophone record player!

If you have paper, wood, metal, and two hands with enough fingers to grab stuff, you’re set. Now, don’t get your hopes up too high as this method is mainly for fun as a project, rather than an actual professional installment. It will work fine, but if you really get creative it can be totally solid.

Get creating, do some easy research, and send us photos or videos of your homemade gramophone creations!

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