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Mixtapes Roundup: Another Fresh Handful Of Tasty Sets From Bag Raiders, Martin Brodin, Pat Mahoney And Maxxi Soundsystem


It’s been a minute or two since the last mixtape roundup, but I got you covered with another fresh handful of tasty sets from some talented people you should already know about. It can be a bit challenging these days to come across really good music with the ease online now, but mixtapes are often a solid source to find the best new tunes. I tend to get a lot of songs from browsing mixes, and when my friends claim there isn’t anything good and new out, I just tell them they haven’t been checking out the latest mixes. So while I post one of these every week or so, hopefully you like something enough to figure out what it is and buy the record. Anyway, here are my choices this time around.

Bag Raiders "March Mix"

These two dudes are always on fire. It’s nice how their monthly mixes aren’t specifically charts of the current bangers, but actual journeys that provide the experience that mixes are intended for. You’ll hear a little bit of everything in this; from unreleased exclusives to forgotten favorites. Oh yeah, and it’s quite the party starter. Featuring tunes from artists like Storm Queen, Goldroom, Zimmer, and more.

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Martin Brodin "Disco For The People"

Sweden’s Martin Brodin has been on my watch-list for a while and I find him to be pretty underrated. You need to check out his stuff if you haven’t heard of him. He’s definitely not new to the game and has a really distinct sound that this mix captures with style. He did this mix for a Spanish blog and now it’s on soundcloud for all to enjoy. If someone were to ask me what “future disco” sounded like, I’d show them this. Look out for tracks from Rory Phillips, The Dead Rose Music Co, Kasper Bjorke, and Brodin himself.

Pat Mahoney "Future Music Fest Mix"

If you can read the title of this one, you should already know it’s worth it. LCD Soundsystem’s Pat Mahoney laid down a tight vinyl mix to get fans hyped for the DFA stage at Future Music Festival, which just took place in Australia. Just as anyone would have guessed, Pat’s selections are fresh but still represent an old-school vibe that’s constantly present in anything to do with the whole LCD/DFA crew. I’ll be driving to this one for a while. Expect to hear jams from the likes of Joakim, Teengirl Fantasy, Tensnake, Art Department, and more.

Maxxi Soundsystem "ID Exclusive Mix"

I’ve had my eyes on Maxxi Soundsystem for a little while now, expecting him to totally blow up within the next few years. It seems 2011 was a real breakthrough for him and this year is already looking better. I can’t really decide how to describe his unique style, but maybe it’s best to stop worrying about titles and focus more on the dancing, for this is a real mix to lose yourself in. For your deep and bass-driven desires, pressing play on this one should do the trick. The best part is that I can’t even tell you the names of all the songs in here because I actually have no idea. All I know is that there are a few of Maxxi Soundsystem’s own in here. Get digging!

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