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Network Awesome—Curated By A Person, Not An Algorithm

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Remember the art of high quality informative broadcast TV? Yeah we almost forgot what that’s like too. Fortunately though, there are still some solid resources out there like YouTube and Vimeo where people can offer content that doesn’t melt your brain, but actually challenges your thoughts and expands your mind. But while these online video outlets may be overpopulated with lame viral hits and senseless contributions, we have a hard time finding exactly what we need amidst this Internet mess; some fun, educational entertainment.

Fortunately, a website called Network Awesome can satisfy your needs. Network Awesome is an online TV network that offers full shows and original content for free. Their focus is on music for the most part, but they do branch out to categories such as fitness, culture, the Internet and more.

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Their site explains the following:

Everyone talks about ‘curating’ but few sites actually do it successfully. All of our videos are curated by a person, not an algorithm (in our opinion algorithm’s suck—they dont know what’s funny, interesting, over-looked or just plain cool). We curate everything from the clips that make up a show, to the shows themselves, to the days of the week. We even curate special events like our Women of Punk Week, The Salute To Drugs, and The Films of Jean-Luc Godard.

So there you have it! Add this to your bookmarks and check it out for more info. I think this is a really great concept and it should provide a lot of interesting programming as it expands. Right now they’re focusing on entirely electronic music for the week, so be sure to watch some of the specials over the next few days!

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