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No Breasts, No Requests

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This one hardly needs any introduction. It’s a given that any DJ can relate to annoyance of ridiculous requests, but have you ever had a clubber go the extra mile to write you a note or draw you a picture? Apparently this is more common than we thought, and local longtime DJ Mick Fiction runs a tumblr to prove it for the purpose of entertainment. Indeed, this is priceless blog.

In a nutshell, the explanation for this blog goes as follows:

This blog is a collection of not only requests, but also signs and notes that I have found around the DJ booth at the clubs or bars over the years. But mostly found on the Internet, here on tumblr, or submitted by friends and fellow DJs. If you’d like to submit a photo, please make sure it’s (a) fascinating, (b) found in or around the DJ booth, (c) isn’t on my site already, and (d) doesn’t suck. If the answer is a resounding fuck yeah! to all of the above… send them here

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