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Parisian Abstract Maestro DJ Cam Gets Remixed By James Curd

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Photo by Graham John Bell

DJ Cam has a life-long fan over here at Magnetic. Pretty much since he first hit the scene in 1994 with his debut, Underground Vibes. When it comes to the worlds of underground hip-hop, trip-hop and the dance scenes, guy is a true pioneer. Hello, “Summer In Paris.” No two ways about it…His impact has been felt from New York to Paris to Tokyo and beyond and he continues to redefine many of the sounds he had a hand in creating throughout his career. If you missed our feature on DJ Cam you can check it out. Highly recommend you getting his latest album, Seven (!K7 Records / Inflamable Records). Cam will also be hitting the road as a DJ pretty soon with a new live project or some sort. Stay tuned…

Here's the James Curd remix... enjoy.

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