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Put A Little Swing In Your Friday Step: Parov Stelar Back With A New EP


That Yolanda Be Cool track put a little swing in my step yesterday, so I figured I’d give some shine to this new video from Austrian producer Parov Stelar. It’s good to see the guy back (2011’s “Paris Swing Box” EP was rather good) and he’s definitely in prime form and all jazzed-up on this one. “Jimmy’s Gang” is first EP to be taken from his forthcoming album The Princess, which is due April 20th.


And since I'm not throughly in the swing mood here are some other tunes that I've enjoyed over the years.

Greens Keepers "Bang In Your Face"

Greens Keepers "Low and Sweet"

Gramophonedzie "Why Don' t You"

Mr. Scruff "Get A Move On"

Der Dritte Raum "Swing Bop" (side_b)

Free the Robots "Jazzhole"

Sam Irl "Keep Talkin'"

Pepe Bradock "Mouth" (Iz & Diz Brad Peeps Remix For Friends)

Mike Dixon "House Of Mouths"

Max Farenthide "Happy People"

Paul Carpenter "Minnie The Moocher"

Duke Ellington "It Don't Mean A Thing"

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Dublex Inc. feat. Ashley Slater "The Game" (Swing Version)

Isaac Fresco "Foxtrot" (DJ Sneak remix)

And on a completely random note, if you haven't seen the film Swing Kids from '93 with Christian Bale rent it. It's set in pre-World War II Germany and is a great parallel to the rave scene. If I were religious i'd say go bless YouTube, but i'm not so i'll just say cheers. I found the entire Swing Kids movie (broken up into parts albeit) on YouTube. If you're in the usually Friday fucking off mood, watch the whole thing at work and get paid to do it.

Swing Kids - Part 1

Swing Kids - Part 2

Swing Kids - Part 3

Swing Kids - Part 4

Swing Kids - Part 5

Swing Kids - Part 6

Swing Kids - Part 7

Swing Kids - Part 8

Swing Kids - Part 9

Swing Kids - Part 10

Swing Kids - Part 11

Swing Kids Part 12

Swing Kids - Part 13 [Final Segement]

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