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Review: "Haunted Valor" by Sound Remedy


I’ve been listening to Sound Remedy for the last couple months and he has yet to put out a boring track. So to say that my expectations for the Haunted Valor release were average would be an understatement. My attention was first grabbed by the Remedy when I heard a remix of Nero’s “Crush on You” last summer, then I began to try and figure out who the hell this Sound Remedy was. I never really discovered the details as to who he was but I did figure out that Sound Remedy was pretty legit.

Building up to the release of “Haunted Valor,” Sound Remedy released numerous remixes titled “Haunted Valor Remixes” on their SoundCloud. These remixes included a definitive rendition of Neil Young’s “Old Man” and another great remix of Capital Lights’ “Mile Away.”

After Sound Remedy established itself on one of my remix playlists I couldn’t wait to hear what Sound Remedy had in store as a follow up to the “Haunted Valor Remixes” Haunted Valor was released March 27th and it’s available on for free download—it’s certainly worth it.

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Haunted Valor as the name might suggest is not filled with dark synths and ominous beats, it’s actually the opposite. It’s an upbeat electro-house 7-track album with a somewhat trancy undertone accompanied by synths and ambient noise that remind me a little bit of 8-bit Nintendo sounds. The intro is a rather strange intro because it doesn’t really let you know what you’re about to listen to, but it’s an intro so what the hell, just make some noise for a minute and no one is going to care. The album is filled with progressive synth and driving beats that make this a sure dance hit. “Reach For The Stars” has been one of my most-played for the last month or so with it’s high-reving melodic top line and bass that goes comes and goes as needed. If you’re looking for the more trance-oriented stuff check out the last two tracks “Victory Extended Mix” and “No Turning Back,” you shouldn’t be disappointed.

We’re looking forward to what Sound Remedy is going to produce in the future; hopefully he keeps the same style, building on the already solid foundation of Haunted Valor. Check out the full album below as well as the remixes.


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