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Roland M. Dill “The Mysterious Remixes Of Maryam Alma” Punch Music



There is way too much music coming out with WMC around the corner. The problem is its all really good music, and its difficult to stay on top of it. Roland M. Dill's new EP “The Mysterious Case of Myryam Alma” is one of those records.

Dill grew up in a small town outside of Cologne, Germany, was classically trained as a musician and worked as a choirmaster for local churches. At 13 he discovered techno music, Detroit techno specifically, and became an avid fan of influences like Riley, Thomas Brinkman and Jeff Mills. The odd combination of both influences can be heard in his music. It’s elegantly composed, supremely accurate, yet has an organic flow that can only be found in the experience of community.

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“The Mysterious Remixes Of Maryam Alma” is a six-track remix EP that is pure techno. It’s minimal, it’s techy, it’s mechanistic, and crappy speakers will not do these tracks justice. They need to be played loud, either with a thousand of your closest friends around you or blaring in your SOL REPUBLIC headphones. The Stereo underground mix seems to stand out most, with uber-punchy drums and a breakdown that leads right into pure minimal bliss. The second highlight would be their Yariv Bernstein remix, which has those harpy keys impersonating what could be the modern industrial complex.

With that said, the EP as a whole is techno fire, and each track can hold its own as a solid. This is warehouse music.

Out April 4th, 2012 with full picture sleeve on Punch Music. Check Beatport.

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