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SBTRKT Comes Out To Play


London’s incognito producer SBTRKT has come out of hiding and has released some magic into the air. It’s a really laid-back, relaxed track complete with plenty of synth, snare and hi hat. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come, I would definitely like to taste an entire album with this flavor.

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In addition to the lone track he also released this nice little sample from his live performance at Maida Vale Studios where he performed with Sampha.

Live Track:

Furthermore, a video was also released via The BBC. The live performance, complete with the omnipresent mask and a beautiful [sounding] string section, drum kit, live production and synths galore is a testament to SBTRKT’s musical prowess. Who would have thought such a reclusive producer would make himself so available in the past couple days?

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