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Session Victim’s "House Of Haunted House"


Germany’s deep disco duo Session Victim, made up of Hauke Freer and Matthias Reiling (Retreat Records), are more than just simply DJs. Covering every aspect of producing, live performance, and running record labels, Session Victim have been enjoying the underground spotlight over the last few years and finally we can look forward to their first full length record. The LP is called House Of Haunted House and will be out the 14th of May as a vinyl only release. But of course the digital copy will be downloadable a month later.

Session Victim are constantly praised for their signature organically made, drawn-out Balearic grooves that keep those European crowds dancing until sunrise. I’d love to see these guys in the USA at some point, as they have been receiving impressive support from huge names overseas and are also responsible for pushing the deep house and disco sounds with their individual projects and as Session Victim.

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I can’t give too much info away about the album, but I can definitely tell you it sounds great. The Haunted House of House will initially be put out over three vinyl parts, but a full LP version will also be available. Session Victim have partnered up with heavy-hitting label, Delusions of Grandeur, which has been on a roll lately with other top EPs from the likes of Soul Clap, Seth Troxler, and Tornado Wallace. Just take a listen to the soundcloud teasers below and stay tuned for our full review.

Be sure to follow Session Victim on their Facebook page for future announcements and tour dates.

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