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Skrillex Releases Another Compilation For The Small Price Of Free. Thanks OWSLA

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He is back at it again. Skrillex, the founder and label head for OWSLA Records has released another compilation for the small price of FREE on Beatport.

The humbled artist was recently featured in the Rolling Stone Magazine that gave a personal insight to what life was like before becoming a famous DJ and what life is like now. The artist explains that at one point he had zero money to his name and about $60,000 in debt for a vocal cord surgery.  However, after crashing on 12th Planet’s couch and releasing music on deadmau5’s label, we all know where the story goes from there…

OWSLA Presents Free Treats Volume 2 has a collection of artists that have been destroying the EDM scene as well as some up and comers that the OWSLA team and Skrillex say to keep an eye on.

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So you might be wondering why Skrillex likes to release his music for free. Well it seems pretty simple to Skrillex. In order for fans nowadays to hear your music they are going to download it and most of the time illegally, so there is no real money for EDM artists in record/MP3 sales. The money comes from touring and festivals.  You know that $300 EDC ticket, that’s what is putting money in their pockets. And I believe it’s well deserved and earned. So the best way to get fans to hear your music is to say fuck the bloggers, and the Mediashare users and release the music for free.

Cut out the middleman.

01. "Look Who’s Back" (Original Mix) – KOAN Sound feat. Foreign Beggars
02. "Chess Fight" (Original Mix) – The Juggernaut
03. "Ruffneck" (Full Flex) (Munchi Anonymous Revolution Remix) – Skrillex
04. "Vandalism" (12th Planet Remix) – Porter Robinson
05. "Secret Heart" feat. Anna Yvette (Original Mix) – Sazon Booya, Anna Yvette
06. "Wake Up Call" (Original Mix) – Nick Thayer
07. "Alone Time" (Original Mix) – Plastician
08. "Kill The Silence" (Original Mix) – Zardonic, Bare Noize
09. "A Shot Of Bruschotti" (Original Mix) – J. Rabbit
10. "Bad Boy" feat. Jamtech Foundation (Original Mix) – Flinch, Jamtech Foundation
11. "Cities" (Original Mix) – Alvin Risk
12. "Brohammer" (Original Mix) – Topher Jones
13. "The Drifter" (Original Mix) – Child In Disguise
14. "No Fun Intended" (Original Mix) – The M Machine
15. "Funky Flex" (Original Mix) – Ghastly! feat. Arielle Williams
16. "Glowing Owl" (Original Mix) – culineR
17. "All For This" (Original Mix) – Stratus
18. "Devastate" (Original Mix) – Style Of Eye
19. "Leaving Here" (Original Mix) – Two Fresh

OWLSA Presents Free Treats Volume 2 includes one zip with all 19 tracks in both AIFF and MP3 format.

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