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Something New, Something Fresh: Christian Strobe “Love Without Love” EP


Lurking through the pages of Earmilk, I stumbled upon something new, something fresh and someone who isn’t played on the radio three times a hour, Christian Strobe. On March 30, Strobe will release his “Love Without Love” EP via Globelle. “Love Without Love” is a three-track EP that features the title track, of course, plus “Nighthawk” and “Helen.” Strobe carries the essence of nu-wave with a dose of indie, a sprinkle of house and the secret ingredient of the moment, electro. I’ve had the club mix of “Love Without Love” on repeat all afternoon. The entire vibe of this track screams mellow out, stay positive, smile and feel good—regardless of how shitty your day is going. Mine has started pretty shitty, but within 30 seconds my shoulders starting swaying, my fingers were snapping and my feet were doing the two-step.

Enjoy the sounds of Christian Strobe and support his talent!

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