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Taryn Manning: She’s Got Hustle. She’s Got Flow. She’s Got An Ear For Music

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Taryn Manning can act—you’ve seen her in Crazy/Beautiful, 8 Mile and Hustle & Flow to name a few Silver Screen roles. She can sing—her brother Kellin and her united in 2003 to form the band Boomkat and has since travelled the globe and had their singles hit #1 on Billboard's Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart and featured in films like Mean Girls andThe Italian Job. Her solo music career has also caused some chatter, most recently, and notably, with the sultry, electro-esque “Turn It Up.” She can DJ—Manning has entertained dancefloors at high profiled gigs at House of Hype’s Sundance and Coachella parties, The Runaways closing party at SXSW, a pre-Grammy Party at SLS Hotel and held down a residency at LA hot spot, Crown Bar. Yes, she has an exceptional ear for music. Taryn Manning, as entertainment jargon goes, is a triple threat.

Home Town: Unicorn City.
Currently Living: Education Nation.
Origin Of Name: My mom’s name is Sharyn so I took after her.
Weapon of Choice: My love potion.
Est. Miles Traveled Per Year: Log onto my American Airlines account and you’ll see that it is up there.
Gigs Played/Nights Out Per Year: In between movies and TV...always gigging.
Source Of Power: Heart
Blurb Yourself:

I love music, I love touring, I love traveling; nothing compares. So I always bring that into the room with me or to the movie that I do. And I think thats what people see: the musician in me.

What life activities are made better when listening to music? Talk about the last time you enjoyed one and the other.

Flying JetBlue (click here you will understand why) and cleaning.

If you visualize music as your listen, what (generally) do you imagine?


Hone your craft.

What is a song that inspired you to create?

Portishead’s “Roads.” When I heard her [Beth Gibbons] sing that where she hits that high note, my life changed.

What (type) music makes you reach for the headphones? What (type) mood makes you reach for the headphones?

You haven't really heard a song until you’ve heard it in headphones. It is where all of the nuances are detectable along with the bells and whistles. For that, I am grateful that we have headphones such as SOL where it’s killing in design and sound and also accessible to the masses.

Tell me about your most memorable night out.

Recently I was at my good friend Paris Hilton’s holiday party and Afrojack played the most insane set in her own nightclub in her home. Intimate, crazy and absolutely amazing.

Tell us about a specific event or period in your life that is linked in your mind to a song/album.

My all-time moment of music and life colliding was at my Gap campaign when we did the commercial “I’ll Take You There” with Marianne Faithful…and Tweet. I went in thinking I was only supposed to say the tagline, and next thing you know they gave me a couple lines to sing and I was thrown onto the sound stage. That recording and taping ended up being the commercial.

Is there a band whose album covers you love or a designer of covers?

I’ve always admired Vaughn Oliver who did most of the album covers for the artists signed to 4AD. A legend artist and a legend label.

Are there any dots to connect with where/how you grew up to your musical output?



What value do you place on environment as a creative springboard?

I feel less creative when I feel like I’m, “in” the studio. So for me, the more casual the more creative.

Talk about some of your “classic” memories of touring?

Japan tour, playing Jay Leno and my European tour. When we played Berlin with Boomkat in an old communist building before the wall came down, everyone was psyched and right in mid-song...power outage—the whole place goes dark. Everyone started chanting and it was compete madness.

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Do you remember the first time you had a live audience’s complete attention?

The complete devotion to my single when I played Japan was life changing and spiritual. They didn’t speak a lick of English but were singing my song back to me and it was religious. It was truly a moment of universal language.

What has changed in the realm of headphones since your first pair?

We went from headphones with a metal band, and two sponge bulbs—where if they fell off you were screwed ‘cause they would cut your ears up too—to now, when I put my SOLs on it’s like my ears are laying on a Tempur-Pedic mattress.

Soundtrack of Life:

Love. Sex. Reflection. Fun. All of the things that life are made of. This is a collection of songs that have always been consistent and there for me whether on cassette, CD, iPod...Serato. These are my go-to songs, my wingmen. *BP: Before Passing | *AP: After Passing | BP A

Cocteau Twins “Cherry Coloured Funk”


This is a song that reminds me of junior high and is very sentimental to me. Cocteau Twins have been my most consistent love. *BP

The Fugees “Ready Or Not”


They took a sample of Enya…so it was like taking a meditative song and turning it into a timeless hip-hop song. Lauryn rocks my world. *AP 

John Mayer “Slow Dancin’ In A Burnin’ Room”


This might be corny but John Mayer is a gnarly guitar player and singer/songwriter. Though he has acted a fool in the spotlight, his talent still speaks for itself. *AP 

The Beatles “Obladi Oblada”


Listen to the lyrics. *BP AP

Bob Marley “Could You Be Loved”


No matter what mood you might be in, when you hear any Bob Marley song all the tensions loosen up and the energy is released. Even if I’m DJing and I feel like the crowd is stiff, I’ll drop Bob and it works every time. *AP

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