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The Debate Of Fake DJing


Accusing anyone of being a fake DJ is always a bold move and an easy way to start a raging argument. Many people have their definitions of what makes a DJ authentic or fake, but at the end of the day, if music is coming out of the speakers, there’s no way to truly tell unless you get a solid peak from behind the booth. Yes, there are many ways to make a DJs job easier, and that’s an entirely different topic that will never end, but if you’re standing on stage to a backing track and not even touching the decks or mixer, then I’m calling you a faker. Australian dance music news website, In The Mix, recently posted an article regarding the surprising popularity of fake DJing…it’s more common than you think. You may have heard several rumors about some of your favorite DJs being fakers, such as Justice, but in the end the stories were set straight and the myths were busted. But who can we point fingers at now? Check out their article to learn more about this dramatic situation.

My two cents is that no matter what level of achievement or respect an artist reaches, any case of them faking a performance that you pay good money to witness is completely unacceptable. It’s a huge letdown to learn that someone that a lot of people looked up to would try to get away with staging their own act, but hey, who really knows for sure. If the crowd is happy and dancing, nobody is really going to care except for nerds like us!

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