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Two Videos For Kaskade’s Third Single “Room For Happiness”


Finally, Ultra Records releases the official music video for Kaskade’s third single “Room For Happiness,” featuring songstress Skylar Grey—the tune that continues to receive buzz from fans. It’s actually two videos (slightly differenent versions)—one for Fire and the other for Ice.

Everyone has their own preference, I prefer the Ice version simply because the vocals of Skylar Grey are so seductive, haunting and realistic. When I say realistic, I thoroughly believe the lyrics hit harder emotionally, considering it’s a love track. The vocals stand out because you can hear the pain and haunting in her voice, which create goosebumps on the skin backed with the piano keys and slow tempo approach. The Fire version is divine as well, considering it’s easier to dance to during a live set as an uptempo, feel good, hope song about filling that room for happiness. The only dislike is the product placement of Dr. Dre’s Beats. The world is aware Kaskade is one of the finest DJs but don’t trickle down into becoming like Britney Spears and Lady Gaga using your music video as a advertising segment.

Check out the videos...

Don’t be fooled by your emptiness, there’s so much room left for happiness.

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