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Yet Again, Another Ticket Fiasco—This Time With Avicii


EDM has never been bigger than it is today and the squirmy, soul-less, backbone-lacking ticket scalpers and secondary sellers (some are legit) eyes are lighting up like they won the jackpot playing slots at a Reno Casino—not Las Vegas, because that’s where the classy slots are.

We’ve encountered this problem before and we’ve documented the problem here at Magnetic. Last year Swedish House Mafia noted that their tickets were being bought up in droves on the primary market and sold on the secondary for ludicrous mark-ups. They took to their respective social media and addressed the problem at hand, which I commended them for.

Well, it looks as though we have encountered the problem yet again, this time with another Swedish powerhouse, Avicii. Our friends over at Digital Music News have noticed an eerily similar predicament to the SHM dilemma. Check out what the guys at DMN have uncovered with their detective skills here.

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The issue at hand is not the ticket prices, but is what happens with those tickets after they are purchased. These days touring is the artist’s main source of income and they understand that completely, hence why they make many of their performances affordable to their fans. In Avicii’s case tickets were to be $27-47, which is a great price for a good party—as long as Madonna isn’t dragging her skeleton around asking, “has anyone seen molly?” These aforementioned prices bring thousands of fans and make their favorite artists accessible to them. As far as I can tell the artists have no problem selling tickets at a fair price and hoping to get as many fans in one place as possible.

If we keep letting the secondary market control the prices, the fans of many artists may be financially unwilling to spend 3-5 times more than the artist meant for the tickets to be sold at.

In the case of Avicii the tickets were being sold on the secondary market for triple the price announced. A new system must be developed to sell tickets to the masses because Ticketmaster is an outdated, slow, frustrating, read-this-scribble-shit-security code shit-show when it comes to the first day of ticket sales. Trying to buy SHM tickets was one of the worst and most frustrating online purchasing adventures of my life.

EDM is pioneering into the future of live music events. As the music and the experience grows more technically advanced, I believe that the method of ticket purchasing needs to be enhanced to protect the fans and give them an honest shot at buying tickets without the market being flooded by scalpers and sleazy, secondary market goons with nothing but money on their minds.

If you have an idea for the future, feel free to let us know what needs to be done.

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