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A Digger Digs: DJ Shadow Mines The Vaults. Plus Free Download!


Producer, record collector and aural aficionado DJ Shadow has rummaged through his extensive unreleased back catalogue to release Total Breakdown: Hidden Transmissions From The MPC Era, 1992-1996, a 27-track journey through time which is comprised mainly of sketches and rough takes that were never thought good enough to release to the public.

With the fanfare over the elusive and prolific producer as of late it comes as no surprise that he is releasing what was initially never meant to be heard. For the majority of people who listen to his music anything the man touches turns to gold, his rough demos and sonic doodles are no exception.

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Free Download: DJ Shadow “Affectations” (right click, save as)

You can read the full intro on Fact magazine.

01 Intropy (Original Version)
02 Vee in Detroit
03 Dreams of a Piece
04 The Not-So-Quiet Storm
05 Fast Rap Fanfare
06 Intensely Hitting
07 Mystical With Solo
08 Alright
09 Don’t Try It
10 From the Old School
11 Freddi’s Popcorn
12 Quickstep
13 Movin’ On (Gab Demo 1)
14 Falling Up
15 Mellow But Chunky
16 Total Breakdown (Gab Demo 2)
17 Heavy Mood
18 Affectations
19 Perilous Journey (Gab Demo 3)
20 Aye
21 Brittle But Magic
22 Atmospheric Disturbances
23 Swimming Upstream (Gab Demo 4)
24 Up for Grabs
25 Give Up the Drums (digital bonus)
26 Slow Poke (digital bonus)
27 Vortex (digital bonus)

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