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All Your Brainwaves Are Belong To Us

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If your inner Apex Twin is looking for some release, wrap your head around this new contraption. The Brain Pulse Music Machine screams experimental music producer—under the care of a psychosomatic medicine practitioner. Or something like that anyway. The device comes from the brain of Masaki Batoh (former frontman of '80s Japanese experimental rock band Ghost) and is an instrument to assist in the understanding and correction of central nervous system abnormalities. In a nutshell, the BPM machine kicks out sheets of sound based on brain waves…so the wilder the brain, the wilder the waves. Which begs the question, just what does insane sound like?

The machine basically has two main pieces: the headset and a motherboard. Strap this on and your brain waves are picked up from the parietal lobe to the frontal lobe and then sent to the motherboard via radio waves, which then converts them into sound via a generator. The second-by-second reflection of your mental state is heard instantaneously as the brain generates it. Like I said, wrap your head around this new contraption.

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The ultimate objective for the Brain Pulse Music (BPM) Machine is to help patients with congenital abnormalities of the cerebral nervous system—think ADD, ADHD and LD as well as epilepsy. The instrument is also expected to be an effective therapy for depression, panic disorder and Asperger's Syndrome.

To order your own Brain Pulse Music Machine go here.

Wired magazine has a nice article on the whole thing, which you can check out here.

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