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Cooking With Skrillex: A Dubstep-Themed Food Truck?

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If you were Sonny Moore and you wanted to open a food truck what would you call it? Grillex, of course. Apparently Skrillex, after concurring all things in the EDM world, now has his sights set on the moveable eatery community. Yes, the Grammy winning dubsteper is trying his hand at the food truck biz. According to the LA Weekly, lines for Grillex stretched for blocks in northeast LA over the weekend as fans jostled to get a taste of what chef Skrillex could whip up in the kitchen.

Move over Truffle Mac and Cheese Balls and make some room for grilled cheddar Pierogies slathered with Sriracha and kimchi—aka The Ched-mau5. Or how about the Sonny Special, a $12 lukewarm bottle of water served with a single Marlboro 100. Or the Chubstep, an overstuffed cocktail-weenie-and-porchetta sandwich on challah? Or the Banger-ang, a pile of British-style sausages mixed with Fritos, topped with a scoop of an unidentifiable ice cream? Not even at 2 am. If you don't agree with me and are curious where Grillex is hitting next, check the Twitter feed…

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