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Cracking Dawn On The Ship of Fools WMC 2012


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If you're one of those troopers like I am—one that leaves Sasha's set at 5 am still needing more—you come to the Listed Productions and Magnetic Grooves Ship of Fools party. This boat ride started at 6 am and cruised around till 12 pm, letting you catch the sunrise and some fine tunes on the last morning of Miami Music Week. Dance or lounge, either way you didn't miss out on good people and good times at literally the crack of dawn.

When Mekanism's “Missing Love” was one of the first tracks dropped (and one of my current favorites), I knew I was in for an excellent time. If you love your deep house, you have sailed the right ship. Boarding the ship I had not expected to see familiar faces, but lo and behold friends from the walks for Chicago, New York and DC had gathered for the sunrise as well. This in a sense embodied the feeling of Miami Music Week, just a right place and time for all friends to meet for the common goal of good electronic music.

The top deck held a more chilled vibe for the people laying out Copacabana style on the couches or simply talking and enjoying the view. Later in the morning however, on the 2nd floor, Audiofly, DJ T and Philipp of M.A.N.D.Y. filled the entire floor and kept most of us hooked until the ship docked back at the port. Expert mixing all throughout made it even hard to leave for a cup of water let alone stop dancing. A loop of the “Percolator” was played but never dropped, weaved in and out of familiar and well-known deep house tracks.

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Six hours seemed too short when the trip was over. Despite no sleep, hours upon hours of dancing, it was time for a quick bite and onto the next party. Like I said, this was a party for the dedicated.

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