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Dash Berlin Drops His Second Album Today

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It’s been about three years since Dash Berlin released his debut album, The New Daylight. Since its release, Jeffrey Sutorius has traveled the globe playing tracks for trance junkies. From “Waiting,” to “Man On The Run,” to “Til The Sky Falls Down,” the heavy-hitting album has definitely opened doors and has kept him on the road for what seems like the entire time.

Berlin’s second studio album, #musicislife, drops today via Armada Records. All throughout April, Dash Berlin and Armada have been releasing tracks from said album via their Facebook and Youtube channel to build up some hype and it worked.  It the goal was hype, it worked. From what I’ve heard so far, the three tracks below hold the biggest connection for on first listen. Although “Surrender” is holding the crown thus far—with its impeccable build-up and solid breakdown complete the killer vocals of Shanokee—it’s the vocals and lyrics from “Silence In Your Heart,” and the simplistic melodies of “Callisto” that I keep coming back to. I can’t wait to hear the rest of #musicislife. For the time being enjoy the tracks and music video below.

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