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Electronic Spotlight: Super Mash Brothers—A Video Series Takes You Behind The Scenes in EDM


Super Mash Bros. L-R: Dick Fink, Ethan Dawes, Nicolas Fenmore

Electronic Spotlight is the brainchild of creator Rob Mor, a Los Angeles-based video/webisode series bringing fans a closer look into the lives of dance music’s groundbreaking producers and DJs in one of the world’s most explosive scenes.


I want the show to have legs, to be able to travel, I want to be able to get into the lives of the biggest DJs and Producers in EDM, and have the artists and our fans smiling the entire time.   – Rob Mor, Electronic Spotlight creator

Realizing that DJs often play a behind-the-scenes role and that common interviews usually fail to truly unveil artists’ personalities, Electronic Spotlight was founded upon the premise of bridging this gap between artist and fan by doing its own take that would offer you a true fly-on-the-wall window into what these international DJs are all about.

An illustrious team of hungry EDM twenty-somethings join Mor to form the Electronic Spotlight team enabling this to happen. While Mor concepualized the show, and directs and produces it under his Rob Mor Productions, Andrew Silberstein of Boomrat and popular LA-based EDM blog I Can Give You House is executive producer. Amicable hosts and producers Evan Paley and Noel Teacher are the on-screen faces of Electronic Spotlight, getting down and dirty with some of the world’s best talent as they follow them in the closest thing to day a life we’ve seen thus far.

Whether it’s picking up their friend, LA-native/Prince of Moombahton, Dillon Francis, from the airport to catch up with him after an exhaustive set of tour dates before going to play the Mad Decent Block Party last summer where I actually ran into them shooting, or learning Danish with Denmark’s #1 DJ, Morten Breum, before headlining at XS Nightclub in Las Vegas, the Electronic Spotlight crew has got their corners covered. While production is equally important, this is only further cementing evidence of how dominant the importance of touring has become for electronic dance artists.

Super Mash Bros. Star in Latest Episode Presented By Magnetic Magazine, BroBible & I Can Give You House

This month’s episode presented by Magnetic Magazine, BroBible & I Can Give You House marks their fourth episode of the first season of Electronic Spotlight featuring masters of the mash-up, the Super Mash Bros. who have a huge homecoming show at The Henry Fonda this Saturday with Dirt Nasty and Destructo  in lieu of their third full-length artist album Mile(y) High Club (download here). It’s fun before even setting listen to it given the track names (Full track list below). Tickets here.


Coming off of playing mega gigs like Ultra Music Festival and Lollapalooza in 2011, amongst several college mini-tours, it’s definitely a treat to get some new originals from these guys. Fuck Bitches. Get Euros. and All About The Scrillions (yes, this was before Skrillex) released in 2008 and 2009 respectively are full of party starters and definitely no strangers to our music library.

Arguably the biggest thing out of LA-suburb Encino since Encino Man (or Paley and myself, just kidding), the Super Mash Bros. compromised of Nick Fenmore, Ethan Dawes and Dick Fink use their influence of growing up listening to rap, pop, techno and classics to create timeless, party jams mashing Mystikal to Michelle Branch and Daft Punk to a sing-along of the Titanic theme song that may or may not be part of their live show Saturday. Dawes tells us the best way to think about them is to “just un-expect the expected.”

Electronic Spotlight In Action

They give it a cool perspective; it’s very much we’re DJs and what not, but I’m also a fan of the music myself and I see myself so much as a spectator as well. I think they really capture the vision of the average concert goer to an electronic [music] series. – Nick Fenmore of Super Mash Bros.

ES host Paley grew up alongside the Super Mash Bros. who interviewed them in this month’s episode in which Paley and Teacher pick up the guys and take them to a mansion party to support philanthropic organization Wounded Warrior Project. Unbeknowst to nearly a thousand party guests, the Super Mash Bros. surprise the crowd with a guest performance. “It was a little funny just in the sense of he’s kind of our homie so it didn’t feel like were doing some big, professional…” Fenmore satirically jokes. “He put us in a bath tub during our interview, which was a first and I don’t think I’d ever really want to do a [normal] interview again.”


However, on a more serious note, Fenmore and Dawes gave Electronic Spotlight a nod  for what they’re doing with their video series.“They’re really dialed into what’s going on with electronic music so we were happy to do this with them," says Dawes.

In the episode, you will learn more about the Super Mash Bros.’ origin, how they rose to mash-up fame, and where they see themselves going in the ever-changing EDM scene. You can find the rest of our interview with Super Mash Bros. below, where professional and sincere meets I.D.G.A.F.O.S. but in a good way. No creative restraints is a good thing, right?

The ES Philosophy

As a behind-the-scenes video series capturing electronic music artists on their path to fame, ES self-proclaims itself as a platform to introduce cutting-edge dance music producers and DJs to the online world with a truly unique, unrivaled perspective. After getting a chance to mingle with the team behind ES, its apparent that combining their talents is a formula for successful production and promotion that will only continue to grew.

I got the chance to chat with creator Rob Mor to get a better idea of his vision for the concept and how they will carry it out. Expansion is something Mor is looking to do, explaining how bringing in a third party or production company should happen soon.

Screen Shot 2012-04-05 at 6.29.30 PM

ES's Teacher and Paley with Nicky Romero (middle)

“I want the show to have legs, to be able to travel, I want to be able to get into the lives of the biggest DJs and Producers in EDM, and have the artists and our fans smiling the entire time," Mor explains to me.

 “I also want to jump out of a plane with Tïesto and the ES crew someday soon too!”

Mor closes out by telling me the bottom line is that Electronic Spotlight is not going anywhere and will remain the number one destination for behind the scenes EDM footage. Only time will tell, but they may just have what it takes.

Next up, Electronic Spotlight dials into British progressive house producer Special Features and Dutch man of the moment Nicky Romero who you may have heard of with his recent hat trick on the Beatport Top 10.

These guys are absolute pros, and some of the most talented and fun people Ive worked with. They add a highly creative, unique and stylish approach to showcasing the lifestyle of EDM artists, and this is a concept that the scene is screaming out for right now. — Special Features

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The ES Team is:
Rob Mor (Creator/Director/Producer) @robmichaelmor
Noel Teacher (Host/Producer) @noelchick
Evan Paley (Host/Producer) @evanpaley
Andrew Silberstein (Executive Producer) @boomrat
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For Inquiries: N.S. Bienstock 212.765.3040—Ra Kumar and Lia Aponte


I got the opportunity to sit down with Nick and Ethan of the Super Mash Bros. last week for a clean-cut turned outrageous conversation. We talked albums, Electronic Spotlight, shows and the rest was history—their upcoming show at The Henry Fonda this Saturday April 7 w/ Dirt Nasty and HARD’s Gary Richards aka Destructo where they recall sneaking in vodka in water bottles as teenagers and being at concerts they shouldn’t have been at. It became a laughing spectacular about how the two met celebrating the Jewish holidays together and how they are now playing a show together on Passover.

Can you tell us about your latest album Mile(y) High Club that was just released?

Nick: The Miley High Club is something we've been working on for what feels like our entire lives.

Ethan: It's a compilation of all the best moments in music ever (laughs).That might be a little much.

Nick: It's just a party jam.

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Ethan: Something to put on and have fun with.

Nick: Its's our third album and as of now kind of a culmination of what we've done so far.

Ethan: I think the whole point is you're not supposed to think about it. Put it on and then let it ride.

Screen Shot 2012-04-05 at 9.44.48 PM

Tell us about your upcoming show at The Henry Fonda with support from Dirt Nasty.

Ethan: Well, all these questions will be answered on April 7th, also Passover, at The Henry Fonda. I don't know if you would call it support.

Nick: I mean we're still underage so he's probably just going to buy us booze.

Ethan: We're his sponsees (laughs).

Nick: Destructo too. Don't forget the homie.

What do you guys think that night is going to be like? Can you give us a little peek into that?

Nick: Ideally, I won't remember. But we haven't played a live show in LA for about two years so it's kind of like our homecoming. We're always out on the road, always on the east coast and we're such LA boys at heart that it feels nice to come home and play a big show. So, it's a funny place to experiment with new material and what not. We just released our third album so all the fun stuff we've working on for the next one we can kind of test the waters with.

Ethan: It's such a cool venue. Ya know, it's a place we always went to when we were little. I remember going there when I was like 16 to see TV on the Radio.

Nick: Yeah, I saw the Smashing Pumpkins once there when I was like 14 years old. I definitely shouldn't have been there. My parents were way too cool, but it was a pretty amazing experience.

Ethan: I snuck in a bottle of vodka and orange juice in a Smartwater bottle, and then I vomitted in a cab on the way home. It's just a place to have good experiences really.

Nick: Like vomiting in cabs.

Ethan: All sorts of firsts.

Ideally, I wont remember. But we havent played a live show in LA for about two years so its kind of like our homecoming. Were always out on the road, always on the east coast and were such LA boys at heart that it feels nice to come home and play a big show.   - Nick Fenmore of Super Mash Bros.

So you guys are already working on your next album?

Nick: I kind of always consider that I'm working on the next one because I'm just always making new music. I can't say that what I've created so far since the release of the last one is any shape of a new album, but it's all material I eventually anticipate on putting out in some sort of context, I guess in an album context.

Can you give us some insight into what it was like working with ES and any thoughts about how new media vehicles like that are helping you guys forward your music?

Nick: It's funny because we actually kind of grew up with Evan, who interviewed us from Electronic Spotlight. So it was a little funny just in the sense of he's kind of our homie so it didn't feel like we were doing some big, professional…(laughs)

Ethan: It was good. I expected less out of him (laughs). It's coming together really well.

Nick: He put us in a bath tub during our interview, which was a first and I don't think I'd ever really want to do an [normal] interview again.

Ethan: It definitely won't be our last.

Nick: I think for most of our interviews we should require at least like at the spas where they put your feet in the little things. It's really nice, it really relaxed me.

Ethan: They're really dialed into what's going on with electronic music so we were happy to do that with them.

Nick: They give it a cool perspective, it's very much we're DJs and what not, but I'm also a fan of the music myself and I see myself so much as a spectator as well. I think they really capture the vision of the average concert goer to an electronic series.

Is there anything else we can expect, something special for the show, given that it's your first homecoming show in a while?


Nick: Well, here's the thing. We are very large Laker fans and we kind of realize that you're not allowed to be a Lakers fan anywhere but Los Angeles in the country because most people are just haters. So it's going to be kind of nice to be Lakers fans again, blast up some Kobe shots on the screens.

Ethan: We know what we're going to do to a certain point, and then it all changes right before we go on based on what the audience is like and the overall mood. So it's always good not knowing what to expect and I think that's the only thing we can tell you is going to happen.

Nick: I'm also flirting with the idea of doing a full blown Titanic theme song sing along in the middle of our set, and I wrote that on Facebook the other day and I got a lot of people interested so I think we might have to do it.

Ethan: It'll be in 3-D.

Are there any dots you can connect to where or how you grew up that reflect your musical output?

Ethan: Ventura Boulevard.

Nick: I think ironically we're doing this show on Passover, and Ethan and I actually met each other celebrating the Jewish holidays together.

Ethan: I didn't even realize that.

Nick: So we were like six years old and kind of friends because our families would come together, but we didn't really start making music or hang out until we were like 16 or 17 years old after that. So it's kind of wild that we're doing this on Passover back in LA. Kind of a cool sign.

Ethan: I think just un-expect the expected.

Mile(y) High ClubTrack list
1. Tour De Franzia (From Boxed Wine To Big Time)
2. ¡Holy Guacamole!
3. Don't Bro Me If You Don't Know Me
4. Islands May Close But Little Hawaii Is Forever (Ft. ZRobUSA)
5. Siri Cruise
6. Young Gelt Cash Gelt Billionaires
7. Forty Days & FourLoko Nights
8. _Yo dawg, I heard you like music so I put songs in this song so_you can listen to music while you listen to music. -Xzibit
9. Blame It On The Adderall
10. Paranormal Frativity
11. Rush Hour Is All Hours (405)
12. Top Fun (Highway To The Rager Zone)
13. M.A.T.Z.O.
14. Like A Bau5
15. On That Lean (Pocket)
16. The Last Cup Is Always The Hardest

Tickets to tomorrow's show here here

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