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Exclusive Download: Jazzanova “I Human”

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Jazzanova producers, Stefan Leisering and Axel Reinemer, went into the studio with their seven piece live band with Paul Randolph on vocals to record a 14-track set. The end result: The Funkhaus Studio Sessions out May 15 via the esteemed Sonar Kollektiv. It also happens to be Jazzanova’s first live album, which is pretty exciting because if you’ve had the pleasure of seeing Jazzanova live, it’s a first-rate, music-lovers experience. No two ways about it, the Berlin based outfit knows a thing or two when it comes to taking that studio richness and the warmth and soul they’re known for and bringing it to the stage. It’s genuine musicianship through and through.

The Funkhaus Studio Sessions is basically the songs the band learned to love the most while on their worldwide tour over the last three years, but recorded in a state-of-art setting at the GDR Rundfunk Orchestra studios in East Berlin.

One of those songs is a brand new tune “I Human,” which was co-written by vocalist and bass player Paul Randolph and the voice of the Funkaus Studio Sessions. We've got the dub version of Alex Barck's edit of the song here for you as an exclusive download. (Right click, save as to download.)

Exclusive Download: Jazzanova "I Human" (Dub Version, Alex Barck Edit)

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Here’s the official video for the tune that includes some of the footage from said studio session.

And just because here’s Jazzanova playing an acoustic set in the broadcast studios of Radio 6.

For the diehard fans, the German filmmakers freier.eckert are producing a film about Jazzanova in collaboration with Dreamwalker. They've been shooting for three years and are hoping to wrap up the film and soundtrack as soon as possible. They've got a call to action out looking for support—aka a donation. Go here if you wanna contribute to the cause.

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