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Fauxchella pre-party: Filter Mag Kick-Off Party 2012

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All photos by Rich Kim (

Pulled up to lights flashing, bass bumping, drinks pouring and crowds dancing on two dancefloors—all in the windy haze of a sandstorm. When we arrived at the Filter party at 12:30 am the door was still packed with people trying to get in. Two DJs were spinning with one posted up on the main stage among a persistent plume of smog machine smoke. The crowd was a friendly mixture of dirty hipsters and industry types. Free hugs and high fives showed off an eager crowd ready to kick off the 2012 music festival. An ample supply of Blue Moon & MGD was complimented by Kru vodka until 1 am, when everyone was  cut off, doing a better job of dispersing the crowd than the cops could ever dream of.

Words by Nikki Spiegel

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