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Free Download: Christian S “The Power Of Now” via Cómeme

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Sign up to the Cómeme newsletter and this is what you’ll get turned on to—access to new music and content—and of course updates on new releases and all the other Cómeme action on the web, the club and the street. It’s worth it.

If you’re not a familiar, Cómeme kicked off in 2009 by Matias Aguayo (of Kompakt fame). Think of Cómeme as a platform for the South American collective of musicians including acts such as Daniel Maloso, Ana Helder, Rebolledo, Christian S, and new faces such as Dany F, Alejandro Paz and Sano. In Matias own words:

2012 is a great opportunity for Cómeme to deliver the finest contemporary dance music before everything comes to an end!

World ending or not, this is fine ass dance music. 2012 will see a bunch of new releases on vinyl, including old and new artists from the label, a new homepage with heavy musical content, an album by the Mexican Daniel Maloso and last but not least the soon to be launched Radio Cómeme, which will offer shows and podcasts by people from all over the world, including mixes, interviews, documentary features and of course endless hours of music.

Their latest, the EP "The Power Of Now" is available now and you can pick it up here. They’ve taken a more internationalist approach than previous output, highlighting artists from Moscow, Medellin and Cologne, as well as guests from Spain.

Here’s a free download from Cologne-based DJ and long time collaborator with Matias Aguayo, Christian S. “The Power of Now” has some Cheri in the drums; some Throbbing Gristle in the sequence, but out of this crackpot bottle jumps a genie in the guise of frenzied pitch-nutty snares. And yes, one does snare rolls again. This irresistible piece follows in the steps of his Cómeme classic “Jagos.”

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