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Free Moodymann Cut Via ScionAV

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A shout to UK's Fact magazine for turning me onto to the fact (hahaha) that ScionAV will release a free Moodymann EP, "Picture This" tomorrow. Pretty damn awesome… I've been a huge fan of Kenny Dixon Jr. (that's Moodyman) for over a decade now. His tune "Shades of Jae" is about as good as it gets in my book. And if you haven't heard the hypnotic machine that is "Dem Young Sconies" do yourself a favor and click play. The bass sample used on the tune was "borrowed" from the 1983 Italo tune "That's The Game" by Wet. Keep in mind that this is like 30 years ago—pre-acid house.

Anywho...below is "9 Nites N Nowhere," one of the tracks taken from the "Picture This" EP.

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Also found this video interview with Dixon from a few years back that's worth your time.

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