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Geoff Barrow Of Portishead Isn’t Happy With The Synthetic British Popular Music Industry

Browsing through Stool Pigeon recently I found this awesome interview with Geoff Barrow, father of two, cutting edge solo musician in his own right but most importantly one third of the legendary trip-hop outfit Portishead.


In this Interview he talks about how their melancholic music was an outlet for their collective anger, the draining creative process that Portishead requires for each of their albums and how their method of making music is so laborious that they “dread embarking on new material”

Not to mention his discontent at the synthetic British popular music industry and their conveyer belt of manufactured and substance-less performers adding to the already large and distasteful roster of contemporary British pop stars.

You would have guessed wrong if you thought Geoff was content with being a part of one of the most refreshing and unique outfits of the past ten years, oh no he has his fingers in many more musical pies, so many that he makes Portishead looks like just like another one of those projects.

On top of being a soundtrack producer, festival curator, co producer for names like The Horrors and The Corals, he’s also got Beak, a lo-fi krautrock band and Quakers the hip-hip project he has recently released on Stones Throw records.

The interview is a cool insight into the inner workings of one of England’s most mysterious and elusive bands and a surprising look into the various musical endeavours undertaken by their talented, and often overlooked, beatsmith.

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