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How Soon is Now? The Madmen and Mavericks Who Made Independent Music 1975-2005

We all know and love Warp records. They have left an undeniable mark on the development and direction of electronic music that will probably never leave. And why would we want it to.


From launching the careers of legendary artists like Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin and Brian Eno, too ushering contemporary producers like Darkstar, Gonjasufi and Flying Lotus into the spotlight, Warp has come to represent the ideals of an electronic generation the world over.

With a timeless reputation already sealed, it would be a ideal time to ask where the hell this innovative imprint came from, what conditions lead to the birth of this prestigious and invaluable label.

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That is what is answered in this excerpt from How Soon Is Now? The Madmen and Mavericks Who Made Independent Music 1975-2005 recently posted on Fact. The book by Richard King surveys the record labels that make up the backbone of the independent music industry and the visionary figures that created them. Needless to say Warp and maverick co founder Steve Beckett are right up there.

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