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In The Festival Spirit—Just Too Lazy To Plan It


I have never been to a festival in my life. This may seem like a strange position to be in, especially when you consider I’m a 22-year-old music journalist who considers himself very much on the pulse of worldwide music and events.

Every time I ask myself why I haven’t been to Sonar or Secret Garden Party, my answer is always the same, pure uninhibited laziness. I mean I’ve never even taken the initiative and planned a holiday. I seem to be part of a dying breed of Londoners who are content with the city and all it has to offer, having said that I do crave sipping daiquiris on a beach in Santa Clara.

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I’m just too lazy to plan it.

I’m in the festival spirit again but that doesn’t mean much though. I get into the festival spirit every year bookmarking cool events and even setting reminders when to buy tickets only to be distracted by some sort of endeavor to be undertaken in this sprawling metropolis.

It’s 2012 and I’ve had enough, I aim to visit at least one electronic music / arts festival inspired by this great list of the best festivals in the world as posted on Resident Advisor.

My pick out of the lot has to be Future Everything A four day multimedia festival offering art, music and ideas, the three greatest things in the world, plus two of my favorite artists are performing, Forest Swords and Amon Tobin with his innovative ISAM installation.

Let’s just hope laziness doesn’t take me first.

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