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John Peel’s Interactive Online Museum Goes Online Tomorrow


John Peel needs no introduction but being that guy was such a badass, I’ll give one anyway.

Mr. Peel was a prolific British DJ, broadcaster, record producer and journalist, who did more for spreading experimental and new music than anyone else I can name.

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He was one of the first broadcasters to play psychedelic rock and progressive rock records on British radio, and he is widely acknowledged for promoting artists working in various genres, including pop, reggae, indie rock, alternative rock, punk, hardcore punk, breakcore, grindcore, death metal, British hip-hop and dance music.

His mark on the promotion of new music from every imaginable musical spectrum is undeniable, which is why his music collection is regarded in such high esteem, it wasn’t just an impressive record collection of some geeky music aficionado, it was an awe inspiring, detailed and labeled archive of the last 50-years of popular music from one of the greatest music journalists who ever lived.

According to the Independent this fabled collection of timeless musical treasures including 25,000 LPs and 40,000 singles will be made available to the public tomorrow in the form of an arts council funded “interactive online museum” called “The Space” allowing fans free access the man’s immense collection as well as personal notes, archive performances and unseen interviews with musicians.

Read the full article on Fact here and you can also check out the space itself here, its currently empty but bear in mind it will be populated with the first 100 tracks from tomorrow.

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