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“M” Megamix: Part Album, Part Mixtape, Part Live Recording, 100% I:Cube

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This will be I:Cube’s fifth solo album. If you’re not familiar with the Parisian prodigy Nicolas Chaix hit up Google and bang any of these terms on your keyboard: Chateau Flight, Versatile Records, French touch, Disco Cubizm. I:Cube’s new 24-track album “M” Megamix comes across somewhere between a mixtape, an album and a live recording and was put together in one take and without any sequencing preparation. Look for it on May 21st via Versatile Records.


Here’s a video teaser put together/edited by Luke Wyatt. Wyatt is known for his “Video Mulch” technique, where he combines the detritus of dying VHS tapes with carefully induced computer glitches.

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The video mix contains the following tracks taken from M"Megamix:

In Alpha
Get The Fever
Makossa Suspens
N'Dololo X M
Magnetic Mambo
Club Miniature
Popular Electronics
Too Old For This

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