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Music Review: “Kitsuné America” Compilation Via Kitsuné Records

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You never know what to expect with a new Kitsuné release. Once you think you’ve got them all figured out and are pretty sure they are going in one direction, they drop another release that whips you back twice as fast. It’s actually a nice change of pace. It seems like they are actively searching for music they like, not just looking for music that fits in with the Kitsuné brand.


Kitsuné’s presence in the States is already strong with one-off singles from artists such as Mark Ronson, Adam Sky, Oliver, Simian Mobile Disco, Digitalism, and Joakim, as well as having acts like Logo, Two Door Cinema Club, and Hearts Revolution on their permanent roster. What the label may lack in consistency is made up through diversity, something very much present on the forthcoming Kitsuné America compilation.

To keep you pumped until May 7th here's a minimix by Jerry Bouthier!This release is unique since all of the artists and bands are US based and different from one another, representing a range from dance-pop to folk, with electro and deep house bridging any gaps that might have been missed. Hearts Revolution’s “Retrograde” and St. Lucia’s “Take a Dive” have the rock edge covered. Indie dance is represented with tracks from Oliver, Frances Rose and Computer Magic. And for the dance heads, XXXchange, Gigamesh, and Shadow bring serious no nonsense heaters, while Them Jeans keeps everything real smooth with a do-not-miss standout remix of Childish Gambino’s “Heartbeat.”

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Kitsuné had a lot of ground to cover on this comp, and the final product is a representation of the sounds coming out not only from the label, but also from the US. It’s here for spring (released May 7) and will last for through summer. 15 tracks total. 

Kitsuné America Tracklisting:

St. Lucia “Before The Dive”
Dwntwn “See My Eyes”
Childish Gambino “Heartbeat” (Them Jeans Remix)
Heartsrevolution “Retrograde”
Frances Rose “Vampire”
Gigamesh “Your Body”
White Shadow “If You Like It”
XXXchange “F*K Yeah Ace Of Hearts”
Oliver “Walk With Me”
Emil & Friends “Royal Oats”
Selberities “Regret”
Poindexter “Helpless”
Computer Magic “Help Me”
Giraffage Feat Xxyyxx “Even Though”
Dark Sister “Don't Step Where I Crept” (Digital Bonus)

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