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Music Review: MikeQ, MikIX The Cat “Vibes” EP

Mike Gnacadja (also known as “MikIX the Cat” and “Momma’s Boy”) has been hard at work for the last year. After moving from Paris to Berlin, he began the label Add Cat in order to have a place to channel his absurdly prolific workflow. Since that time, the imprint has grown as a home to an eclectic handful of artists making fresh, innovative dance music. Refusing to be pigeonholed into one genre, Add Cat claims broadly, proudly to put out “electronic music with attitude!”

Enter another Mike, specifically DJ MikeQ of Fade to Mind and Qween Beat fame, “Prince of New Ballroom” and the best thing to happen to voguing since 1990s cult classic Paris is Burning. Apparently the pair teamed up over two days in MikIX's basement and the “Vibes” EP resulted.

The title track is massive and dark, all hard snares and tight kicks, accented with choppy vocal samples—whooping a la Armand Van Helden's seminal “Witch Doktor” with a modern twist. Though the track is pretty straightforward structurally, driving forward relentlessly for over five minutes, it effectively holds the attention of the dancefloor for its duration.

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The b-side, “Catwalk,” is slightly less ear catching, more of a niche track for a ballroom audience with its pitched up “Work This Pussy” sample. It functions better as a DJ tool, a loop teased in and out. Nevertheless, this release is perhaps Add Cat's strongest to date and “fierce” (snap fingers in z-formation) as hell.

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