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Music Review: Surkin “USA Remixes” via Marble


Surkin, yet another French techno wunderkind, has released a remix album as companion to his 2011 debut full length, USA. Out on Marble, a young Paris-based label headed by power trio Surkin, Bobmo and Para One, the release is a figurative “music-making party,” with an impressive roster of friends and peers choosing their favorite tracks from USA to remix. The result is powerful and eclectic, with all stars A-Trak, Brodinski, Bobmo, Club Cheval, Canblaster, Das Glow, Strip Steve, Can Blaster, Para One, Bok Bok & L-vis 1990, Rustie, Jackson & His Computer Band, Djedjotronic & Noob and Feadz all lending their talents.

While several tracks have multiple versions (“Lose Yourself” and “Never Let Go” each have a variety of different remixers), the music ranges far and wide both in terms of genre and feel. Somehow each of the remixes manages to maintain a ferocious dancefloor energy, staying fresh and dynamic—the album actually begs re-listening, quite a feat for a self-proclaimed “DJ tool" LP. Tracks that are massive off the bat include A-trak and Brodinski's work, while Canblaster gets super weird and wonderful and Rustie, Strip Steve and Bok Bok & L-vis 1990 go hard and deep in equal measure. Personal favorites include the subtle and unexpected old-school electro from Djedjotronic & Noob, and the sexy, vicious “Never Let Go” from Club Cheval.

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More than simply a musical tour du force, USA Remixes is a real sign of the times, a proclamation on the current state of “new techno.” It is clear that this is a community effort, a group of peers and friends making amazing work with and for each other and dancefloors worldwide. Multiple nations, labels and genres are represented here and the proof is in the pudding—or the exceptional quality of the tracks. Really a pleasure to listen to and an exciting foreshadowing of great work to come. Buy via Beatport here.

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