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New York: Metronomy At Irving Plaza—Like A Hyper-Animated Kin To The Tom Tom Club


Photos by Adela Loconte (

On their catchiest single, “The Bay” UK indie-pop quartet Metronomy ask seductively, “You may have the body, but do you have the song?” Playing to a sold out crowd at Irving Plaza on Friday night, they answered, “Yes” over and over during a brisk, tight set. Backed by giant coloring book posters of each member, they came across like hyper-animated kin to the Tom Tom Club. What Tina Weymouth's pigtails and bass are to TTC, Anna Prior's bangs and drums are to Metronomy: rhythmic anchors for the band's rolling grooves. Heirs to post-punk and no wave's amorphous rhythms, Metronomy are also children of the electronic revolution and acid house is woven equally deeply into their DNA. All these influences popped up at different points through out the night as they bumped their way though favorites like “Heartbreaker,”“A Thing For Me,”“The End of You Too,” and “Everything Goes My Way” from the albums Night Out (2008) and The English Riviera (2011). If there's anything that needs improvement it is the sequencing and finesse with which they take the audience through these influences in their music. While they never sounded disjointed or off base, the center wobbled loose at a few points throughout the night. This “meandering” charmed a room the size of Irving Plaza, but as the tour winds its way across the US, Metronomy might do well to polish up how they move from the shoegaze tip to the nu-disco edge of their radiant sonic spectrum. Do not doubt, however, that Metronomy are literally destined for bigger stages—in the next few weeks, they will be hitting Coachella and opening for Coldplay. Catch them now if you can, or be prepared for longer lines next year.

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