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New York: Porter Robinson Had Chandeliers Swinging And People Dancing On Tables At Lavo

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Photo by Enes Kolenovic

The lavish Lavo NYC hosted EDM powerhouse Porter Robinson this past April 19thfor a night that will be remembered by all in attendance. With the mix of the NY exclusive club, upscale dress code, and bottles after bottles being popped around me, it was truly fun to play along with “big dogs” of NYC for an evening.

My friend and I got to LAVO around midnight and headed down into the club in time to catch the upbeat DJ Bambi, a female artist and one hell of an entertainer. She played the opening role perfectly and delivered the crowd a banging house set. Her energy got the dancefloor moving until the early morning and got the crowd all kinds of pumped up for Porter. Bambi has seen a tremendous amount of success in a short amount of time and with her ability to keep up with some of the elites in the game, Bambi should definitively be one DJ/producer to look out for.

Porter manned the decks around 1:15 am to an anxious and excited crowd. He opened up the night by dropping his single “Say My Name,” which really got the people going and set the tone for the remainder of the evening. My favorite part of the night was when Porter dropped, “Atom” by Nari & Marini. I have really been feeling this fresh track from the Italian duo since Size Records just recently released it. Some other noteworthy tracks from the night consisted of label-mate Skrillex’s “Summit,” Nicky Romero’s “Generation 303,” Tiesto’s legendary “Maximal Crazy,” and his own jams “Vandalism,”“The Seconds” feat. Jano and his newest single “Language.” By the tail end of the night the chandeliers were swinging, people were dancing on tables and couches, and the party people had an array of glow sticks that illuminated the club dancefloor.

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Porter kept that place going well through 3:15 am, which was about the time my co-pilot and I decided it was time to take that multi-hour ride home so I could get to class and she could make golf practice on time—I’d say that’s devotion.


It really was the epic of “epic” nights that occurred at LAVO this past April 19th and I am already looking forward to when I can go back next. The teenage superstar definitely gave the crowd a night to remember and definitely left a positive impression on everyone that was fortunate enough to catch him on this truly epic night!


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