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Paul van Dyk Isn’t So Quick To Accept Madonna’s Apology


deadmau5 may have accepted Madonna’s apology for making a crude reference to MDMA, but elder statesman Paul van Dyk thinks differently. PvD, as noted in a column in Billboard, claims that Madonna made “the biggest mistake of her career.” Madonna got a lot of flak from deadmau5 but getting it from the PvD is another story; he has seen electronic music transform from its infancy and all the negative stereotypes to what it is today.

Paul goes as far to say that “she wasn’t thinking much” and I couldn’t agree more. Experiencing the music at a festival such as Ultra—or at any show for that matter—isn’t about mind-altering substances for most people. For some it is. And btw, no one is condemning you for that. On the other hand, tho, for those that haven’t been to an event, or are witnessing it for the first time, they probably think to themselves, “What the hell are these kids on?” And Madonna, the goddess of pop, cemented that stereotype for those onlookers by using the hipster speak for MDMA, “Molly” in front of thousands during a world-wide live stream as she introduced the headliner—great timing Madonna.

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