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Review: Buraka Som Sistema’s Bass Heavy “Tira O Pe” (Enchufada)

Ethnic electronica is a ripe musical fruit, but one that is rarely harvested and even more scarcely consumed by the populous. It’s sad because it works so well, the fusion of electronica and world music have a long and rich history but it’s a tradition that is often overlooked within bass-focused culture.


Buraka Som Sistema are one of the more popular contemporary practitioners of this art form. The Portuguese group (founded in 2006) specializes in melding techno and dubstep with the African kuduro genre that on first listen may sound like Soca to most people.

Buraka have got the blend to a perfect ratio too, so much so that producers have noticed and leant their own hands in remixing their hit song “Tira O Pe” for their most recent release, an EP dedicated to entirely different incarnations of said song.

The record consists of six tracks, three remixes (JWLS, Jay Fay and Roby Howler), an acapella, instrumental, and of course, the original, that in the light of the equally impressive remixes, is often left in the shadows.

The last time I listened through a record dedicated to a single tune was Future Sound Of London’s “Papua New Guinea” remix record, but other than that it’s not the kind of musical format that has much replay value for most people.

That’s not the case with this record though. I found myself lost in its indigenous vernacular and tribal beat patterns as I sweated away on the treadmill, running in the same flow as the beat it worked me into a crescendo of sweat, energy and motivation.

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“Tira O Pe” and all of its versions are hard hitting dancefloor bangers—make no mistake about it. But one that transfers into so many other scenarios with its natural bounce and quirky, upbeat progression.

They have essentially taken a song and literally reworked it from every musical angle creating a tribute record dedicated to different components of a great song as well reworked and re wired versions of an already solid tune. Out via Enchufada on May 21st.

And just cuz here's a bootleg they recently made, enjoy the free download.

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