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Review: Eric Prydz Presents Pryda (Astralwerks)—Rare, Unreleased Tracks And 3-CD Retrospective Mix



Eric Prydz Presents Pryda (Astralwerks) Release Date: May 22

Eric Prydz is revered as one of the most quintessential producers of our time, standing alone in his ability to mix commercial success with underground notoriety, and igniting the progressive house underground in a truly unprecedented fashion. We could not be more enthralled that Prydz will be releasing Eric Prydz Presents Pryda on Astralwerks May 22; it will be a release that will not be soon forgotten, presented in two exquisite formats: 1) a single disc of rare, unreleased tracks, a moment his loyals have been waiting on for some time now and 2) a deluxe 3-CD set, in which Disc 1 is rare and unreleased material, while Discs 2 and 3 are a brilliant rendition of a retrospective into Eric's career thus far, mixed and sequenced by the man himself complete with some of his special re-edits. It's a true collector's piece, pre-order a hard or digital copy now!

With his labels Pryda and Mouseville, he has been acknowledged by Beatport as one of their biggest selling artists in history, garnering a following by an adoring underground scene and allowing Prydz to remain something of an enigma while also being a household name. In limited fashion, making it all more special, Prydz has played the world's biggest festivals and venues, holding a masterful residency at Ibiza's Cream Amnesia in past years and making the journey over the pond for Winter Music Conference in 2008 where he played Ultra Music Festival's Main Stage and dropped Eric Prydz vs. Pink Floyd "Proper Education," a moment I'll never forget. With Eric's fear of flying and obscene ability to create masterpieces and draw inspiration while traveling by train throughout Europe on his mobile setup, those stateside are in for a real treat this summer with Prydz just announced to be headlining the IDentity Festival tour.

Eric blew crowds away with 'EPIC,' his innovative show concept that he toured the UK with involving 3D holographic video projection and lighting systems, and a cutting edge production. With all this behind him and timeless respected releases in the electronic community, Prydz heads into 2012 with a big year of releases that we can feast on. Now signed to Astralwerks, Eric has started work on his much anticipated debut artist album slated for release in late 2012, all after next month's release in Eric Prydz Presents Pryda. Sounds divine to us.

Disc 1 takes you deep into the world of Pryda that you are all too familiar with, but mesmerizes with new material. "Shadows" is the opening track off the disc, which has surfaced long before and adds a nice vocal line to Prydz's funky grooves that are often not present in his originals. Next is "Agag" which was debuted to the world on Pete Tong's BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix just a week and a half back, and sure to be one of the singles off the album. Equally layered and balanced, this track has a chilled-out vibe absent of heavy bass that prepares you for the journey the rest of the disc takes you on. "Beyond 8" continues the smooth progression of "Agag," whilst the largely unfamiliar "Javlar" gives off a more tribal drum pattern and speeds up the beat before a blissful, uplifting piano line comes in that mixes with deeper synths to create a great new "Pryda" vibe. "Sunburst" gets dark, as sequenced strange noises are synced with the beat before mixing in a more upbeat piano chord, back to a dark trance. Prydz rocks out with "Hardrock Lausanne," that is the most disco-funk heavy work off the album thus far leading into the downtempo, funky brilliance of "Leja" later on. "You" is next, and the longest track of the album. With an obscure, techno-esque start the song transforms into an airy, emotional vocal track that leaves you wanting more. I wish there was a track I didn't want to touch on, but I'm sure not if that is the case; it's hard to leave an equal behind. "SW4" fits the style of the album nonetheless, but gives us the signature Pryda deep, fast synths typical of his past work, blending in the new with the old, before an awesome deconstruction that leads into "Leja"!


I get a feeling from it that its like a soundtrack to some obscure French movie from the 70s... It has a very special vibe and special emotions in it. Its a bit slower than the other tracks, but definitely one of my favorites on the album. - Eric Prydz

Oh "Leja", it has special written all over it; named after his daughter, the track has a warped backline accompanied by a progression of downtempo disco-esque highs that is excellence. This is one you have to hear for your own ears to understand. My favorite element of the track, apart from the warped synths is undoubtedly the beginning line that leads up to these magnificent howls that sound like they are coming from a beautiful female ghost trapped inside a record player for 30 years, that are present throughout. "Mighty Love" (Instrumental) seems to a have a bit of a different vibe than other tracks on the album, with higher notes that resemble a multi-person orchestral number that could accompany a futuristic version of the Disney classic Fantasia. Upon first listen, "Allein" sounds similar to deadmau5 in its chord progression, utilizing a simple vocal line to achieve something more, definitely one of my favorites of the album. Allein could be a reference to a town in the Northwestern Italy. "You" (Interlude) is a special addition to the album that seems to be "You" in its raw form and a perfect way to end the masterpiece in my opinion, then surprising us with the classic "Pjanoo" (Eric's Intro Edit) that serves as a divider to blend the works and transgress into Eric's two-disc mixed retrospective.

It is not surprising that Prydz has attached a career retrospective to his new work. Already hailed as a master of layers and sequenced progression, different pieces come together to a tell a full range of an emotional story;  this time, more mature in its sound and more downtempo as a whole than we are used to, Eric gets to new heights.

Taking us through the highs of his career, old and new Pryda are juxtasposed to elude to different periods. Highlights from Disc 2 – Retrospective Mix Part 1 include classics like "Miami to Atlanta," "Rakfunk," "Europa," "Armed," and "Muranyi" along with treats like "Aftermath" (Eric's Edit) and Paolo Mojo "1983" (Eric Prydz Remix). As the period that defined Pryda, these works have been the stepping stone for Eric's defining of this guise. Disc 3 – Retrospective Mix Part 2 exposes the most recent Pryda releases that present a wider range of diversity mixing complex, upbeat anthems like "Juletider" and "M.S.B.O.Y." with enigmatic melodies such as "Viro" (Eric's Intro Edit) and "Melo" (Eric's Special Edit). With Disc 3, it seems to be a perfect precursor to Prydz's switch to more simplistic notes, tones and intricacies. You can find many of the tracks from Disc 2 and 3 on SoundCloud.

Hand Eric a platter and  give him a direction... he will undoubtedly make it his own. We are now fortunate to indulge in the latest from Pryda, and are more than curious to see what's next. It is amazing to draw similarities between his works and hear the "Pryda" in it for yourself.

Eric Prydz presents Pryda – Tracklisting of 3-CD Set:

Disc 1
1. Shadows
2. Agag
3. Beyond 8
4. Javlar
5. Sunburst
6. Hardrock Lausanne
7. You
8. SW4
9. Leja
10. Mighty Love
11. Allein
12. You Interlude
13. Pjanoo (Eric's Intro Edit)

Disc 2 – Retrospective Mix Part 1

1. Lesson One

2. Miami To Atlanta

3. Genesis

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4. Rakfunk

5. Europa

6. Aftermath (Eric's Edit)

7. Frankfurt

8. Armed

9. Reeperbahn

10. Muranyi

11. Paolo Mojo - 1983 (Eric Prydz Remix)

12. The Gift

Disc 3 - Retrospective Mix - Part 2
1. The End
3. Waves
5. VIRO (Eric's Intro Edit)
6. Glimma
7. Juletider
8. With Me
9. 2Night
10 Melo (Eric's Special Edit)
11. M.S.B.O.Y
12. Mirage

Pre-order a hard or digital copy of the album now

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