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Review: Headman “Turning” via Relish Recordings


Perhaps one of the most trusted figures in the whole disco/electronic movement of the last decade, Headman, aka Robi Insinna, is definitely a man to associate with consistent, high quality output. His innovative work with Relish Recordings and Gomma has provided inspiration for generations of DJs and dancers alike, while his name remains a top choice for remixes to this day.

Still productive as ever, Headman recently announced the release of his latest EP, Turning. The original version of “Turning” goes in a ‘80s tinged machine-funk groover in which Robi’s distinct tight analog production is obviously present. Both the original and dub versions of “Turning” features the spacey vocals of Tara, who previously sang on Headman’s 2001 release “It Rough,” which became a timeless must-have classic.

Accompanying Headman’s own versions of “Turning,” the EP includes some amazing remixes. My favorite out of the bunch is The Emperor Machine’s remix, which is a funky peaktime number that is worth playing out in all of its nine-minute glory. For those unaware, The Emperor Machine is one half of the hugely influential Chicken Lips, so this is totally what you’d expect from a producer of his caliber. “Turning” also features a Moroder-esque remix from Scott Fraser, which seems best for those very late night sets in the darkest of places.

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On the flipside, the release includes two remixes of “Be Loved,” Headman’s latest single. The first remix is by Death In Vegas, who most recently wowed listeners with the Trans-Love Energies album last year. He takes “Be Loved” into a heavier direction, building it up into a constantly building acid house future classic. Large is all I can say! The second remix of “Be Loved” is by Murphy Jax, which is also bound to be a staple among the classiest of tastemakers. Murphy takes us back down to the ground with this blissed-out euphoric house tune after being worked into madness by Death In Vegas’ version. All in all, every track in this EP is two thumbs up and I rate the full package as record of the month.

The album is released on the 30th of this month digitally and also on limited edition vinyl. Preview on Headman's Soundcloud page.

Follow Headman on Facebook and Soundcloud to stay updated, and also check out the Relish page.

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