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Sound Pellegrino Festival April 6-8, 2012


Coming off of a couple of white weeks in America, weird and wonderful Parisian label Sound Pellegrino returns to their homeland triumphantly to throw their first festival. Set to take place April 6-8 at Paris Social Club and L'Enfer, the lineup includes label artists and friends, diverse acts ranging from Youngunz prodigy Manare to legendary artists such as Miss Kitten and A-trak.

Celebrating the label's third anniversary, in addition to the release of the companion publication L'Annuel, the Sound Pellegrino Festival hopes to mark a moment of accomplishment in positively affecting the world of international dance music with an attitude of curiosity, friendship and playful irreverence. The Festival and magazine also look towards the future in a pluridisciplinary prediction of the near future in architecture, cinema, politics, music, communication and art with contributions from Renaissance Man, Panteros666, Teki Latex, Jean Nipon, Thomas Mondémé, Guido Minisky & Jérémie Périn, Joseph Richmond-Seaton, Xavier Magot, Francesca Ronai, Keffer, Etienne Menu, (l'IT), Elena Prendergast and many others.

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More information, a full lineup and tourism guide can be found here. For details on L'Annuel.

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