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Talking Music and Nonsense with Michael Woods


I got the chance to catch up with UK progressive house sensation Michael Woods just after his set at Ultra. In the Miami spirit, Michael was a blast to talk to walking us through what's on his plate (and his rider) and what Winter Music Conference is like for him—including his set this year at the UMF Korea Tent and his gig with Nicky Romero and Calvin Harris at Mansion. He may very well be one of the most bubbly and down to earth guys in the scene.

If you need an introduction to Michael...his latest track "Warrior" hits hard and  follows a long line of huge club hits including “Nitro,” “Dynamik,” “No Access,” “First Aid,” along with collaborations under his belt with the likes of Chris Lake, Funkagenda, Mark Knight and remixes for Calvin Harris and Lady Gaga. The most notable addition to his armoury recently was producing Example’s #1 chart hit "Changed The Way You Kiss Me" in June 2011 which has now sold in excess of 600k singles in the UK alone. Apparently, Michael is stirring up some magic in the studio with Ne-Yo too.

What’s going on, what's good?

I’ve got a release called “Warrior” right now. It’s a record I actually released 12 years ago believe it or not. It’s one of my biggest records to date and we’re re-releasing on Ministry of Sound. It’s actually on Beatport right now, the instrumental version, so we're going to build up with that. A lot of people are playing it right now. Calvin Harris dropped it last night down at Mansion. The vocals are going to drop in like three months. We’ve got a video coming out as well. So yeah, it’s all good!

Ministry of Sound have really supported me. I’ve got a residency at Ministry of Sound in London, been doing it for the last year. They’ve actually signed up for another year. I love Ministry of Sound, it’s like the biggest club in London. Actually one of the biggest clubs in the UK, I’m sorry in Europe!  It’s actually really happening. So I’m really happy to be a part of that.

And I’m right here, right now and live from Miami. It’s amazing man!

Can you tell us how last night was at Mansion?

Mansion last night (laughs)…If I could be serious about Mansion last night, from what I can remember of it, I actually played just before…well, the line up was myself, Michael Woods, it was Nicky Romero and then it was Calvin Harris. After me was Nicky Romero and I don’t remember a lot of Nicky Romero to be fair, but from what I can remember it was a good night! I ended up at Space dancing to Luciano. I don’t know how I got there, I don’t know how I got back home. Luckily I’ve got a really good tour manager, his name is Simon, I hate his guts. It was a crazy night, it was good. Welcome to Miami.

Well, the thing is all the DJs, we’re all like a close family, right.

What is a typical day like for you during WMC—your habits, press schedule, balancing playing gigs and the like?

The thing about Miami is the weather is so good, and the weather affects everyone’s personality. Everybody here is so happy and it’s good to go out and see happy, smiley faces where everybody is into the moment. And to come to Ultra where everybody is here to have a good time...I walked into my tent tonight at the UMF Korea Tent after Nicky Romero, and the buzz in there was like oh my god, unbelievable. I’ve never seen energy like that in my life! You know what I mean? To actually play in front of so many people, and to drop your own records and to see the reaction that I got is like…you can’t put a price on that kind of thing. So I just can’t wait to come back to Miami next year. Tomorrow, I’m just going to hang out and back to Los Angeles on Monday. I’m actually playing next Friday at Avalon.

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Michael Woods - Live @ ultra Music Festival 2012 - 23.03.2012 by Livesets.At on Mixcloud


Michael Woods with Funkagenda at Cr2/Fly Eye Records Party during WMC

What are your plans for the rest of your time here? When you’re not DJing, what are you doing?

Well, the thing is all the DJs, we’re all like a close family, right. I’m looking forward to seeing Dirty South tonight, he’s a good friend of mine, and obviously Tiësto’s playing the main stage tonight so it’s going to be a good one.

For me, I’m never far away from a bottle of tequila, right, so it’s going to be tequila all night. My rider consists of three bottles of tequila and 24 Coronas. I’m looking forward to getting through that tonight, and you can have one as well. We’re going to do a shot in the trailer later on, right?

Unfortunately, Michael and I never got to follow up on his offering, but there's always next time.

Grab "Warrior" on Beatport

If you're still craving more, take a listen to Michael Woods live at his Surrender Nightclub debut in Las Vegas that was released yesterday via the Surrender Nightclub Podcast. Listen here

Keep up with Michael Woods here:

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