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The Bug Comes Armed With A Roland TB-303 In Hand, And An 808 Under His Arm


Photo by Niall O Brien

You may remember Kevin Martin—also known as The Bug—for his infamously dark and imposing ‘08 album London Zoo via the esteemed Ninja Tune imprint, but apart helping East London MC Flowdan, Kevin is a virtuoso musician and entrepreneur in his own right.

From his sonic explorations into everything from dub, jazzcore, hip-hop, dancehall and dubstep, under his myriad of aliases such as God, Techno Animal, Pressure and King Midas Sound, to his prolific collaborations with EL-P, Cutty Ranks, John Zorn and Vast Aire it seems Kevin Martin is on a mission to explore the foundations of music and erect his own monument to it. This monument is nearly finished according to this news article on Resident Advisor.

He has recently announced plans to launch a 7-inch sub label off of Ninja Tune dubbed Acid Ragga. On first glance it may look like the label is a nostalgic tribute to defunct British musical territories but according to the official press release “this time there will be no smiley faces, no ecstasy and no future.”

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Let’s just hope he’s wrong about the latter. But influence for the imprint is coming from pioneers like Stakker, Plastikman, Phuture, Aphex Twin albeit twisted into The Bug’s take on classic dancehall. The first track “Can’t Take This No More” is scheduled for release in June and sees him teaming up with Daddy Freddy. Pre order here.

There will be more Acid Ragga singles throughout the year so if you like the snipped above, stay tuned. They’ll all be leading up to the next Bug album Angels & Devils.

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