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The Disco Fries March Continues

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The DJ slash production team of Danny Danger and Nick Ditri (that would be the Disco Fries) are quickly proving that they’re names to watch in 2012. The Disco Fries are holding down a residency at the Palms in Las Vegas, collaborating with big name acts like Katy Perry and Pitbull and most recently they had two tracks featured in the American Reunion film: “Party On” with Honorebel and “Heartbeat” featuring Jeremy Carr & Hyper Crush.

Upcoming dates at the Palms include:
April 27 - Moon at the Palms
April 28 - Rain at the Palms
May 27 - Ghostbar at the Palms

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Adding to the buzz, the two recently developed their own piece of software called Könversate. It’s basically a special patch that turns the Novation Launchpad into a customizable display board. The plugin is free and will soon be available to all registered users of Max 4 Live. Here’s a video the two put together talking about some of the details and features of their plug-in:

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