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The Future Of Electronic Music Performances


After watching Amon Tobin’s awe-inspiring ISAM installation I came to the realization that conventional one-man and his MacBook DJ sets are a relic of the past. I am now firmly convinced that the future of electronic music performance lies in the successful combination of audio and visual media into a multi-dimensional assault on the senses.

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This search for cutting-edge artists with a penchant for elaborate stage shows brought me to the electrified dandy Alfred Darlington, better known as Daedelus and his amazing Archimedes installation.

It’s essentially a bespoke mechanized wall of moving mirrors with twisting lights and flipping images projected on it from its base. The installation was created by Emannuel Biard and David Leonard and could be considered by some, a work of art in itself.

Don’t get me wrong, though, his music is just as good as his sense of stage direction. His music is essentially an assimilation of all his influences, into one formless sound reminiscent of almost every genre you can think of, sampled in such small parts and spread so thinly it could be considered a genre in itself.

I was browsing Stool Pigeon and came across this rare interview with the eccentric and irrepressible man of the moment, where he talks about his influences, how martial arts and good music share similar qualities and of course Archimedes and all of it’s juicy technical info.

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