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Trials and Tribulations—Just Another Day For Pasquale Rotella


If you’ve been curious as to what has been going on with the tribulations involving Insomniac Chief Executive, Pasquale Rotella—fear not, he seems incredibly relaxed and maintains his innocence as a man that declares he has done nothing wrong in lieu of allegations.

The allegations all surround an alleged kickback scheme (when a client accepts an overpriced bid from a contractor and is offered bribes or services in return) at the LA Coliseum. That is neither here nor there. If you’d like to read about the what’s going down involving the accusations check out the LA Times.

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The here and now is that Pasquale Rotella is maintaining his innocence and is cooperating with the District Attorney’s office to the best of his ability. It’s a shame that he had to cut his vacation short in Miami, drop everything and fly back to LA to prove his innocence.  On a better note he did have the utmost courtesy to conduct an interview against his lawyers wishes. He does not implicate himself at all, but rather extends his innocent stance to his fans. Check out what he says about Insomniac events going global and the moment he started to fall in love with electronic music courtesy of Mixmag.

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