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Video Alert: Sub Focus “Out the Blue”


Yesterday, Sub Focus released the official music video for his new single “Out the Blue,” featuring Alice Gold. The video is basic: man jumps into water, while a woman graciously floats underwater. Kick drops and clouds of color burst slowly creating a beautiful mixture of the rainbow. Blah blah blah, man contrinues trying to swim towards the woman but looses her. It basically explains the concept of the song. As for the music, it didn’t take long for the critics to begin comparing the sounds of Sub Focus to Pendulum, which isn’t surprising. People can be asses. So I decided to give said people some of my time and compare and contrast the sounds of Sub Focus and Pendulum. I get it, I hear the similarities—I understand the comparison fans make, but I still feel that “Out the Blue,” is its own track. What can I say, I’m a sucker for Sub Focus… I typically enjoy all the material he releases and this single is no different. Besides the great vocals of Gold and the solid lyrics about love, the melody of this track is captivating. Simmply put, it’s a solid banger. The single is available for pre-order via iTunes, the track will release on April 29. There isn’t an official release for his sophomore album which is rumored to be expected Fall 2012. Sub Focus will be playing April 19 at the Music Box in Los Angeles, in addition to Coachella.

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