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What Did You See? What Did You Miss? CrowdsEye Brings The Two Together...

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It is being called the social network platform for the festival go-er. is a place for those who enjoy music concerts, festivals and live entertainment. Built for to stay in touch with all the other like-minded folks out there—and possibly meet a few new friends in the process—CrowdsEye incorporates live music events with social media and lets you compete for valuable prizes. It’s all very simple: you take a picture or write an article at any current CrowdsEye event and upload it to your profile then assign it to a “Challenge.” There are a wide variety of challenges ranging from “Backstage Adventure ” a written story of how you ended up backstage to “twin look-a-likes” picture of you and that random person that looks like you. Associated with the wide range of challenges are the wide varieties of prizes—everything from tickets to said event next year, cash prizes, Apple products and other pretty sweet things.

So how do you win? After you’ve created a profile and uploaded the picture to the challenge you wish to it compete in…it’s now time to step away and let the fans vote—they decide the winner. Your picture will circulate amongst the others competing for the challenge and users are given the option to “like” it. The one with the most likes wins. The judging typically ends a week or two after the event.

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There’s an iPhone app for this—of course—that can be downloaded right now for Coachella. $1000 for the grand prize, which would basically cover the cost of the weekend. Fuck Coachella is expensive. Anywho…the functionality of CrowdsEye can be compared to Instagram with pictures and FaceBook with profiles and pages. CrowdsEye will assemble a database of pictures, videos and stories from each event that users will be able to reminisce on or hang their head because they missed out…

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