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Who Is Madonna’s Audience?

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This article from Roger Friedman via Forbes caught our eye so we’re sharing…

Madonna vs. Lionel Richie: It’s the tale of two major stars from the 1980s. Later today, when all the numbers are in, Madonna’s “MDNA” album will likely have fallen out of the top 15. Sources predict “MDNA” sold around 20,000 copies last week, more than 50% lower than its second week and miles away from its debut three weeks ago with a controversial 359,000 copies. Of course, that first week is colored by Madonna selling 185,000 copies of the CD that were “bundled” with concert tickets. The numbers were inflated. In the second week, the reality set in.

The sales drop is all the more profound considering that was selling two versions of “MDNA” — one digital, one physical — for just $5. Even that move didn’t boost sales.

Richie, on the other hand, debuted with 200,000 in sales but lost his chance at number 1 with the Madonna sales promotion. Last week, Nicki Minaj grabbed number 1 from Lionel with a quick hit. But now this week, Lionel’s “Tuskegee” will finally get the top spot, with 125,000 copies. No one deserves it more. And a good thing, too, since news reports suggest that Lionel owes the IRS some back tax money.

But Lionel’s number 1 is hard earned. He’s done a ton of publicity, culminating in a TV special last week on CBS. With his country music co-stars, Richie hit the CBS sweet spot of older viewers, He clearly knows who his audience is, and is happy to play to them. Madonna, however, is lot in the woods–selling a perfume named for a 20-year-old documentary, and trying to act the age of her teen daughter’s pals. But who is Madonna at age 54? The audience doesn’t know, and she doesn’t seem to, either.

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